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First Look: 10 Man ICC loot 271109

Posted by Zeltan On 11/27/2009 12:47:00 AM 2 comments

Welcome to the first of 6 series of Loot for the fellow plate DPSers [targetted mainly at DKs] that are dropping from Icecrown Citadel, stronghold of the Scourge. Today, we'll be focusing on loot that drops from 10man ICC.

*Note that this contains MOST but not all of the loot dropping from ICC.


Ramaladni's Blade of Culling - Here we have one of the 3 2H weapons that dropped from ICC. It's a very fantastic weapon, with a healthy dose of expertise to help you get capped. The 2 blue gem slots are a bummer thou and you may make use of the blue sockets to fit in your meta gem requirements. Once again, the ArPen might make this axe less attractive to our dear Ret Pallies over the sword below.

Citadel Enforcer's Claymore - The 2nd of 3 2H weapons from ICC, the Claymore offers hit rating instead of expertise; Crit instead of ArPen. This sword looks to be more attractive to Ret Pallies than the axe. While there is only 1 gem socket, it offers a yellow gem slot and a +4 STR socket bonus. Whether or not if this bonus is worth it remains to be seen.

Oxheart - An extrremely sexy 2H weapon that drops from ICC, frankly i'm surprised that 3 2H drops from a 10man raid. Stats are generous and expect lots of competitions from all plate wearers. It's a much better weapons for Retdins than the 2H axe. Blue and yellow socket shouldn't be followed unless you're missing the 2 colors for your meta gem requirements.

Bone Warden's Splitter - One of 3 1H weapons for our fellow DW DKs. Its weapon speed [and naturally low weapon damage range] makes this less attractive to Frost DW than Unholy DW.

Frost Giant's Cleaver - 1 of the 3 1H weapons in ICC, it's an upgrade over any weapons you'll have currently.

- Offering Hit Rating instead of ArPen, it'll definitely be more desirable to DKs under the Hit cap.


Deathspeaker Zealot's Helm - Offering only Haste and Crit, this stats combination might turn off DKs while remaining attractive to Rets. The blue socket and bonus is lousy, you'll be better off with the red gem.

Taiga Bindings - Once again, Haste and Crit showing that it's made for Retdins. Red socket and the str bonus is icing on chocolate cake.....Mmmm cake.

Blade-Scored Carapace - The only plate DPS chest in ICC10, it offers haste and crit, making this piece attractive to Ret Pallies and not so much for DKs. The color sockets are generous [1 blue and 2 yellow] with a +8 STR bonus. If there's a lack of blue sockets in your gear [unlikely] this will be a good piece of gear to socket the purple gem.

Bone Drake's Enameled Boots - Offering once again ArPen, this boots might not be an upgrade over Totc25 boots for Ret Pallies. We find yet another blue socket in our plate gear. And the +6 STR bonus makes it worth socketting if you lack a blue gem for the requirement.

Festering Fingerguards - An awesome plate hands for helping us to hit the HR and Expertise cap. The yellow socket and bonus is meh.

Flesh-Shaper's Gurney Strap - A belt with red and yellow socket. +6 STR bonus might make it worthwhile if your class values other stats as much as STR. ArPen will have Ret Pallies crying once more.

Saronite Gargoyle Cloak - The haste doesn't make this attractive to DKs although this will be the first cloak we have with a socket, not to mention a red one too. All in all a good cloak and upgrade over Anub25's cloak if you're hit capped.


Whispering Fanged Skull - A crit trinket, expect high intense competition from not just plate wearers but from nasty rogues and hunters as well. While an exptremely good trinket, whether it beats Death's Verdict remains to be seen.

That's all for ICC10 loot. Be sure to stay tune for 10man Heroic ICC loot coming soon[tm]

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2 Response for the "First Look: 10 Man ICC loot 271109"

  1. Borgthor says:

    I think the Gargoyle in Saronite Gargoyle Cloak says it all. I'd love to get hold of that cloak for unholy DPS (even if ArP > Haste after the patch).

  2. Zeltan says:

    It's def an upgrade if you have any cloak ivl lower than ICC10.